Dj Services

At Bee Sounds we are always thriving to work together in order to provide the best DJ services and continue to push forward to ensure we are always miles ahead within the industry.

Selecting the right DJ/Host will form as one of the most important decisions you will make for your event.

At Bee Sounds we have a selection of the most reputable DJ’s in the industry who are renowned for their skills behind the decks and their charm on the microphone. Reading the crowd and dictating the atmosphere is our speciality and the results are almost always euphoric.

Led Moving Heads

Creating an effect with lighting by drowning the darker patches in the room we use LED moving heads to add to the lightshow.

Beam Moving Heads

To create the right atmosphere in the venue we use beam moving heads to direct at the cake/stage/couple or anywhere in the venue.

Sound System

Bee Sounds use top of the range speakers to cater for your events, used by experienced DJs.